All Suffering Soon To End!

by Rock Despot

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released November 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Rock Despot Montréal, Québec

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Track Name: My Jumpstart Noise
my jumpstart noise overflows
barely bearable decibels
too stable in my stalemate
so i switch up my fate
last time i headed east
i made some lies for keeps
tuned into ‘coast to coast’
that devil saved my soul

my life is one big bad mess
but it couldn’t bother me less
my future, we’ll see how it goes
where will i end up? who knows?
i will face up, i’ll confess
and this time i’ll head out west
Track Name: Praymantis
scoot up to me
be my reason for livin’
oh scoot up to me
get to know me
better than i know myself

but of course i let her have it her way
grand exceptions to the rules of play
if i could just say no she’d respect me more
but my praymantis i’m quick to miss

before you devour me
with your brand of honesty
i get my end of this deal
yes it gets freaky

scoot up to me
be my reason for livin’
oh scoot up to me yeah
get to know me
better than i know myself
myself, myself

you’re gonna turn on me
i’m just waiting now
for you to turn on me
i know
you’re gonna turn on me
you’re gonna turn on me
Track Name: Kaboom
demons don’t comb through their hair
cause they figure ‘what is the use?’
people just don’t seem to care
why they’re layin’ down clouds shaped like mushrooms

kaboom, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom
kaboom, kaboom, kaboom

oh i’m insane, and that’s how i will stay
yes i am insane, and yeah that’s how I will stay

witches don’t wear underwear
so they can have grip on their broom
bitches say ‘how do they dare?’
but they do the same to keep with their groom

kaboom, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom
kaboom, kaboom, kaboom

the statements i sang here
could be said are misled and crude
but i’ll reach through your speaker
before we play on and it gets out-blown

kaboom, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom
kaboom, kaboom, kaboom
Track Name: The End Is Near
the end is near, the end is near
they have been sayin’ that for years
but this time it feels, yes it really seems
like it is all on its way

but stranger things, much stranger things
must first take place
my idle hands, my idle hands
are this music’s plaything

they’re now made to repeat
start to go with the beat
kids on the dance floor
get knocked off their feet
somethin’ is a miss
somethin’ is not right
but that’s how it’s been
so why am i so surprised

yeah i’m still here, just living in fear
stockin’ up goods, collecting my gear
for the day will come like a nocturnal thief
all wired-eyed and armed with sharp teeth

wait, wait up, wait now
it can’t possibly happen just yet, no
haven’t met my one and only
haven’t passed on the name of my family
but many have passed before me
wearing same shoes

the end is near, the end is here
so come get drunk with me my dear
we’ll make it be one hell of a night
and when the sky falls we won’t hide
Track Name: Morning Wood
i’m fully loaded, but i lay alone
i wanna get some, but i stay at home
and i’m an all-in-one, but i can’t pick up the phone
i let the grass grow over my feet
can’t get my move on

it’s so simple so why don’t i
sweep you off your feet?
is it cause my god-given gift
comes with a cancelling curse?
i don’t mean to get deep
i rattle my souped-up cage
i’m a trapped parakeet

just lookin’ in my mirror
if i turn away
my makeshift friend will disappear
nearly narcissistic
i never did understand my flock

annoying sunshine
my curtain’s drawn for good
give life to my lie
avoid the obvious truth
call me up
switch off my morbid mood
once i get to you
i’m gonna be rough and rude
horny hopes
knock on my morning wood
Track Name: Thick Atmosphere
and right where i stand
is pretty much known as nowhere-man’s land
and who, or what, or how i am
is ready switch to up change, wide range
of random game to strange grin upon my face, see
cause i got to feelin’ lately
like an alien kickin’ through this cloud of dust
gaspin up my mustard gas while i’m tryin’ to ask:

how did we land and settle
in at this here
house that we love drenched in our
thick atmosphere?
how did we land and settle
in at this here
house that we love drenched in our
thick atmosphere?

atmosphere, atmosphere, atmosphere

dish-dishin’ it on-on out-out for days-days
if i crack one dish it comes out of my pay
i’m ki-kiddin’ cause that’s-cause that’s what i do to
get this shift swiftly going by fast, get it moved through
Track Name: Wake N Bake
mornin’ breezy chill
once in a while i start up high
crisp dollar bill
dial a few digits and wait a while
parents gone and time to kill
got no real reason not to start getting high
my routine needs some thrills
i tired stoppin’ a few honest times

mornin’ breezy chill
today i started by getting high
first comes what i feel
throw some music on, enjoy the life
i dance cause i can’t sit still
quitting has never really been my style
cause how many times more can i
be born over?
Track Name: Be My Girl
oh who is going to be my girl?
oh who is going to clean up my world?
dress me up all nice?
cure me of my vices?
be there to hold me
when i’m feelin’ corny?
spread those legs for me
when i get dick-hard-horny?

so i take an awkward chance
feel you up with ice cold hands
you roll your eyes and say ‘no thanks’
just walk away laughin’ with all your friends
but before this night hits its end
you come runnin’ back
you come runnin’ back

and when i tell the boys
how i have made you all mine
nobody’s gonna wanna believe me
nobody’s gonna wanna believe me
nobody’s gonna wanna believe me
nobody’s gonna wanna believe me

keep cool, keep cool
keep calm, don’t loose your cool
gotta keep her guessin’ if i wanna keep her
Track Name: Boarding Kennel For Crumbello
enemies in surround sound
thought we had our kennel locked up
left to right — a canine growl
these visits were supposed to stop
i didn’t care then but i do now
cause things have not changed a whole lot
cause you can keep a sad dog diggin’
for some sort of a way out
get out, you just want

your revenge for our screams and shouts
but we’re too used to tastin’ that rath
classic tension does tend to mount
who is gonna claim that last laugh?

ha-ha, ho, yeah, ah
i know it’s beyond what can be controlled
hard to place blame when everyone
is rarely sane, but i can’t get caught up
in this game, it’s a game

and it’s new tricks for this old bow wow
gotta learn how not to snap
but what i don’t get is how
i walk right into your traps

thought i earned my keep, keep
thought i earned my keep, keep
now i’m barkin in my sleep, in my sleep
thought i

cause every dog needs a gate to guard at
every dog needs something to growl at
to bark at

so we’ll see
how long this feud
can keep its fire
till we’ve got no fuel
to raise flames higher

how long this feud
can keep its fire
till we’ve got no fuel
to raise flames higher

how long this beef
stays on the counter
till it just goes old
yes it expires
hey, yeah, hey
Track Name: 4 Horsemen
that’s the sound of the 4 horsemen gallopin’
they’ll be here soon, maybe today
they want our doom
the good souls lifted already
but don’t get mad no, don’t get heavy
let’s just start this very last party

i could use an honest change
the doors i’ve closed get unhinged
join in on the amazing craze
still my taste calls for some grace
all the voices i keep hearin’
they’re directin’ my steerin’
where i’m going, i don’t care
but i sure like gettin’ there, oh
Track Name: Smoke Screens
did i surround myself with these smoke screens?
i keep my reason close but my drama closer
those scallywags — are they followin me?
these days i keep checkin’ over my shoulder
on my lifeline i swear they’re closin’ in
time does seem faster as i get older
better not waste what i’ve been given

so i save and build it up
bill to bill and scrap to scrap
few mornings later i am
a different man completely
formin’ exes over my eyes
feedin’ my hell-bent needs
that’s when i just can’t be bothered
plannin’ my days like they mattered
grinnin’ for and pleasin’ people
never cared that much for money
bitchin’ right now hits the spot so

even if i know damn well
what i came here for i’m
forced to return to
where this journey upon me dawned
what’s foreign i made familiar
gathered so-called clues
gotta repertoire of prototypes
waitin’ to be put to good use

back at the battlefield that
doubles as my home
kinda gets hard to hop over the
barricades we’ve been addin’ on
for too long
Track Name: Jig Cycle
back when i was a little boy
my thoughts were awfully full-grown
and now that i have to be a man
i can’t quit playin’ in quicksand
i can’t quit playin’ in quicksand
and it ain’t whatever’s in my closet that’s
been causin’ me to loose sleep
i’ve gotta brand new set of setbacks
that can really keep me feelin’ mazed-in
but the more i think about that
the more that it comes back
so i’m tryin’ to think of someone new
and darlin’, you’re all that’s in my clear view
yeah you got me

jumpin’ over just about any fence
learnin’ a few steps to every dance
maybe you’re not new
but you’ve changed enough
here little girl this time will be right
we’re hangin’ out often, eyes lock a lot
prove science through what this brings
skin-smackin’ endorphin-rise, but that’s not
to say there’s no turbulence
don’t need to explain this at all
this story is well known
many of us let someone, i’m sure
root up around their core

yeah she creeps up on me slow
i don’t even know
oh she creeps up on me slow
i don’t even know
you could say that’s how things go
it’s part of my jig cycle
Track Name: Without A Name
out in space i’m in place
unclassified i’m justified
without a name it’s more sane

life’s got me tryin’ out many roles
yeah i play along, yeah i strike some pose
and any other line that i do read across
commits to my mind, now they won’t get lost

out in space i’m in place
unclassified i’m justified

compelled by a televised voice
i’ll go throwin’ out what i cling to most
so in character that i feel no remorse
till the credits roll, till it runs its course
on me

but literally
what i want to say is i don’t know what i do
until i’m done and then i see what i had is gone
farewell, so long
and the other must of been something about
an identity toss-up causing my moment of doubt
oh now i’m reachin’ out
singin’ it sure is high time for a revival
of some kind, amen, god-speed that one greatest day
yeah come without delay
singin’ it sure is high time for a revival
of some kind, amen, i see that it’s up next on
my tv
Track Name: Cool Is Forever
the buildings are topplin’, the sirens are blarin’
but this don’t affect you so sit back, keep glarin’
not the same for me though, so i run for cover
but the house that i am from is standin’ no more
now can you see why i’m spendin’ no time
holdin’ in my breath till justice does come?

oh, yeah

the reason my trust gets lost will be on tonight at six
preachers on payrolls, what can i make of this?
smoke rings as halos, my eyes are glued to your hips
all my opinions are somebody else’s
like history’s over, now cool is forever
the way you shake it makes my mouth water

oh, yeah

oddly, oddly
they wanna know
they wanna know what happened
rubble step-stone
i landed the way i was thrown
rubble step-stone
visions of things to come often visit me
but this was something i could not foresee
all my prospects good as gone
but i’m still singin’
Track Name: Music That Caesar Walks To
even though his end was sad
look at all that caesar had
he must of known how to live
when to fight on and when to just leave
to victory his troops he led
and everywhere he’d go people would
stand up and applaud stand up and applaud

but he didn’t let it go to his head
he valued real skill instead
of boastin’ nobility
virtue above of life if need be
when med-sea pirates kidnapped him
he joked around and said to them
raise the ransom
raise the ransom

and as his power racked up
he pleased the many on the bottom
which scared the few rich on top
so they conspired to stab him
60 of them with daggers in hand
including his best friend
yeah that was caesar’s sad end

but his name lives on and on
it started out a common one
but ended up the highest title
for centuries to come

so what’s the point i’m tryin’ to prove
with a moral i should close
well i don’t know what to say
still got my own conquerin’ to rein
and i shouldn’t be worryin’
bout exactly how, where, and when
it will all tie in
it will all tie in